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Lunatik Taktik Extreme  

Alasan utama casing tahan air (water-resist bukan waterproof atau anti air) ini adalah ia  memiliki kepala dan bahu lebih baik dari casing lain yang pernah saya uji, yaitu bahwa hal itu memberikan perlindungan 360 derajat. iPhone anda di dalam kandang plastik keras dilapisi dengan silikon licin, untuk penyerapan shock maksimum.  

Silikon grip di bagian belakang membuat case ini tidak licin digenggaman tangan. Dan sentuhan-kuat Gorilla Glass penutup layar melindungi dari percikan air dan penjaga terhadap benturan langsung yang dapat menewaskan telepon saya.  

Lunatik Taktik Extreme ini tentu mahal, tapi itu jauh lebih murah daripada ponsel baru. Case ini juga mampu melindungi bezel iPhone 5/5s yang tidak setangguh bezel iPhone 4/4s. 

Merek: Lunatik, Harga $124.95

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Zynga Adventure World Indiana Jones Walkthrough  

Zynga's Adventure World is an exploration adventure game for with puzzle elements. In this post I will talk about Zynga Adventure World Indiana Jones Walkthrough.

This Zynga game is definitely one of the company’s most ambitious yet, containing 200 quests, 30 maps, more than 1,000 art assets plus something like 20,thousand items. It was created by the Zynga Boston studio, which was created right after the purchase of Conduit Labs. We’ve played out from the beginning level of the Indiana Jones-style online game. It’s got stunning music, sweet sounds, a good-looking and large map, and plenty of fauna to hack. The game’s motto is “Grab life by the boulders,” and it is cartoonish art is meant to appeal to as broad a group of players as possible.

Start from here Map 1 - Map 5 ==> Zynga Adventure World Walkthrough Video Guide

  • Map 6 – Map 10
    - Great River
    - The Mountain Chase
    - Safari Showdown
    - The Cave of Doom
    - Ram Runner
  • Map 11 – Map 15
    - Poacher Problems!
    - Danger Mine
    - Poacher Peak
    - Quaking Mine
    - Lost Children
  • Map 16 – Map 20
    - Crater
    - Mountain of Madness
    - Cracks of Gloom
    - Golden Tower
    - Cave of Skulls
  • Map 21 – Map 25
    - Painted Volkano
    - The Gauntlet
    - Bombing Run
    - Volcano Sanctum
    - Twin Temples
  • Map 26 – Map 31
    - Coal Mine Canaries
    - Eruption!
    - Plundered Shrine
    - Monkey Mountain
    - Cursed Jade Mine
    - Inner Sanctum

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Mafia Wars 2 Wallpapers from The Official + Edited  

Here are Mafia Wars 2 wallpapers from the Official. Nice for Mafia Wars 2 freak like you :)

Mafia Wars 2 Wallpaper 1

Mafia Wars 2 Wallpapers 1. Resolution: 1600 x 1200 for old square monitor, not for wide screen monitor (click the image to enlarge, right click and save image as to download)

(Damn I like this "Mafia Lady" wallpaper, she is so sexy, topless with tattoos in her back. I think she is not Mafia but Yakuza. High resolution: 1600 x 1200)

Mafia Wars 2 Wallpaper 3
(Why I think about Lara Croft when I see this Mafia Wars 2 wallpaper. Anyway, I vote for Lara Croft, but nice work Zynga. Still in resolution 1600 x 1200)

(Hmm no comment for this Mafia Wars 2 wallpaper. Still the same resolution: 1600 x 1200)

I know you may search for your wide screen monitor, so lets get some fun with Photoshop.

(Here it is, wide version of Mafia Wars 2 wallpaper from, I love black back background very much that saving my monitor energy. High resolution: 1920 x 1024)

Mafia Wars 2 Wallpaper wide screen
(You wont miss this sexy wallpaper, hot for your wide screen monitor, high resolution @ 1920 x 1024)

Source: Mafia Wars 2 Wallpapers

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